Ages 0-4: Roundabout Cantonese Music - 氹氹轉音樂圈

Class Duration: 30 minutes

What is Roundabout?

Roundabout Cantonese Music 氹氹轉音樂圈 is a new music curriculum that is developed by Dorothy (Locy Lee) and Eveline Yu.  Moving away from the traditional Cantonese nursery rhymes, we will explore music through original songs written in Cantonese.  We will choose lyrics and music that is easy to sing and fun to use in daily life.  We will challenge children with different rhythms and beats and different pitches to strengthen their tonal acquisition - after all, Cantonese is a tonal language!

Our Focus:

This term, we will focus on using Cantonese to introduce different genres of music to children (ages 0-4).

We will be incorporating songs and segments where the parent's assistance and participation will be necessary.

We want families to have fun and take this opportunity to be silly with their little ones.  Come and join us in our new music program!
2022 Winter Semester (10 Weeks = $130 Cdn):

Sunday: 8:15am PST / 11:15am EST / 4:15pm BST (Eveline & Dorothy) --- January 23 - March 27

Sunday: 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST / 5:00pm BST (Eveline & Dorothy) --- January 23 - March 27


If you're in the UK, you can register here:

If you're in Canada, you can register below.

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Ages 5-8: Cantonese Stories & Conversations (Small Group)

Class Duration: 45 minutes

In this class, we will have fun reading stories and doing various activities - all in Cantonese.

Each week we will cover:

  • writing and reading traditional Chinese character
  • reading stories
  • songs & activities
  • Conversations

For stories, we will be sampling picture books, wordless books, bridge books, and more!

Pre-requisite for this class:

- basic reading comprehension (Set 1 Sage or 100 characters)

- able to follow instructions in Cantonese


2022 Winter Semester (10 Weeks = $150 Cdn):

Friday: 1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST (45 mins) --- January 14 - March 18

Friday: 3:45pm PST / 6:45pm EST (45 mins) --- January 14 - March 18

Saturday: 9am PST / 12pm EST (45 mins) --- January 15 - March 19

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Every Wednesday 10am PST / 1pm EST

This is a free beginner class to Mandarin. We will be singing in both Mandarin (mainly) and English. We will learn some simple rhymes and traditional nursery songs.

This program is sponsored by The 519 Church Community Centre in Toronto, Canada. The Community Center has been very supportive of our programs from the very beginning and I love that it has offered this program to families for free.

Follow the link before to register for your program. Please make sure you locate the zoom links in your email (in case you have trouble logging into the Event Brite page).

No language background necessary - I will try my best to follow your lead (so make sure your video is turned ON).

Sign Up Here ->

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Every Wednesday 10:45am PST / 1:45pm EST

This is a free beginner class to Cantonese. We will be singing nursery songs, new and old, in Cantonese, as well as learn some nursery rhymes. We will be using 100% Cantonese - full immersion for 30 minutes! You can do it!

This program is sponsored by The 519 Church Community Centre in Toronto, Canada. The Community Center has been very supportive of our programs from the very beginning and I love that it has offered this program to families for free.

Follow the link before to register for your program. Please make sure you locate the zoom links in your email (in case you have trouble logging into the Event Brite page).

It is okay if your little one runs away - as long as they are listening and being exposed to the language, I don't mind... but... I do require that the video is turned ON for the safety of other families in class.

Please Sign Up Through this LINK:

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Cantonese Summer Program (COMPLETED)

What's Included in the Program?

The COMPLETE summer program will have:

  • 20 pre-recorded lessons designed by certified teachers
  • 4 LIVE zoom class with Ms. Cherry and Ms. Eveline
  • 20 engaging stories with Ms. Eveline
  • 128 Flashcards (traditional Chinese)
  • 16 Writing sheets (beginner to advanced)
  • 16 Crafts & Activities
  • Songs and Rhymes in Cantonese

LIVE classes: Every Friday at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST (June: 18, 25; July: 2, 9)

All lessons (including the LIVE classes) will be available for replay until August 31.

GREAT! Tell Me More!

1) Why Should I Sign Up?

As our classes are usually capped at 8-10 students, we are often full and cannot take in students. We wanted to make learning accessible to more families. So... we are offering lessons-on-demand!

Lessons-on-demand means you don't have to miss any classes due to play dates, nice weather outside, or... summer things happening that you didn't account for.

2) Interaction with Other Children:

Interaction with other children is so important! In the private Facebook group, your child will have the chance to meet other children around the world who also speak Cantonese! There is a Show & Tell component in each lesson (optional) where your child can upload a video to share with others. Your child will have a chance to practice speaking, listening, and responding to other children. It's like having pen pals, but you'll have 50+ of them!

3) Private Facebook Group:

The entire course is hosted in the private Facebook group. You will not be alone in this Cantonese journey - from June to August, we will be encouraging you to keep watching and we will keep learning together!

4) Our Children Still Have School in June?!

With early access to the material, you can start the course at any time. You can start with us in June or later in the summer when your child is done school. Each day, we will be uploading 1 new lesson - starting from June 14.

All lessons are available for replay until August 31.

5) Bonus: Writing Activities and Activity Booklet

Have you seen Sweet Note Learning's beautiful worksheets and activity booklets?

Ms. Eveline will be going through all the writing and activities with the children in the video. You can even "pause" the video - and go grab things that you need (pencil crayons, glue, scissors, erasers...)

6) Bonus BONUS: We even have something FOR PARENTS

Each lesson, we will have a vocabulary list that includes jyutping (Cantonese pronunciation guide) so you can say the Chinese words in Cantonese without looking up the dictionary. How AMAZING is that?

Sessions: 3 Choices

1) Session 1 (10 classes): $50 - June 14 - June 25

2) Session 2 (10 classes): $50 - June 28 - July 9

3) Session 1 & 2 (20 classes): $80 - June 14 - July 9

After Registration:

Once registered, we will invite you to our Facebook private group (3 days before we start).

For more details, feel free to contact us:

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Ka Foo (嘉芙姐姐) x Eveline Winter Camp (COMPLETED)

4-Day Winter Camp

Miss Ka Foo (嘉芙姐姐) and Ms. Eveline will be hosting a winter camp for ages 3-8.  There will be songs, stories, games and activities - in Cantonese!  Siblings are welcome to join and will receive a discount (1/2 price). 

Are you ready?  Come join us!


活動日期:2021年12月20 / 21 / 22 / 23
活動時間:4:00-4:30pm (太平洋時區PST) / 7:00-7:30pm (東部時區EST)

Class Schedule:

Dates: Dec. 20-23, 2021 (4 days)

Time: 4:00-4:30pm PST / 7:00-7:30pm EST

Cost: $60 Cdn/person (siblings $30)

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What Do Our Classes Look Like?

We focus on PLAY! We want our parents, grandparents, and caregivers to have fun with their little ones while learning new songs to sing at home.

We start with our Hello Song and end with our Goodbye Song.

In class, you will:

  • meet & greet other families
  • practice our numbers, colours, and everyday vocabulary (food, transportation, daily routine...)
  • move with the music - dance, finger play, clapping to the beat
  • sing - the best age to build a foundation in music development is 0-5 years old!
  • explore percussion instruments - pick up an instrument and jam to the beat
  • have fun!

Classes are 30 minutes long (which is a long time for our little ones to stay focused). Don't worry if you don't know the words - we will provide you links to the songs and lyrics so you can access them when you get home.

If you have older ones at home, we are also offering classes suitable for ages 3-6 and 5-8. Feel free to ask about the courses!

Terms & Policies

Classes are 100% refundable up to 1 week before the start of the first class. Cancellations made within two weeks of the start of class will receive a 50% refund.

If you are unable to attend a class, you can substitute a friend to take your place. Please arrange with your instructor ahead of time.


Can siblings attend?

Yes! In fact, siblings under 1 years old are free. Siblings are also welcome in the Online Cantonese Music Circle (ages 0-6).

Do you sell Chinese children's books? I can't find any around me.

Yes we do! All the stories in class are available for purchase. They are available at Little Kozzi Bookstore.
We also take book requests and will try our best to find them for you!